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Warranty Services

Often times a vehicle under a warranty can be serviced at a third-party service center. Many owners of vehicle warranties are not aware of this. To see if your warranty is eligible, the easiest thing to do is call our office! (Typically a manufacturer’s new car warranty is not eligible for a third-party service.)

A great benefit of having work done on your vehicle by a third party rather than by the in-house service center where you originally received your warranty is that a third party is not bogged down by a vehicle history so that whatever is best for your vehicle is what ultimately will happen.

Is Your Warranty Eligible to Be Repaired By a Third Party?

A few easy ways to find out if your vehicle is eligible to have a third party mechanic service it are as follows:

  1. Review the terms of your warranty.
  2. Call your warranty provider.
  3. Call the location where you originally purchased the warranty – be very specific with your questions and be sure to request a response back in writing to help ensure transparency and proper information on their part.
  4. Call a third-party mechanic and have them check for you!

Can Any Service Center Provide Warranty Work?

The short answer to this is no – not every auto service center can provide warranty work on your vehicle. Warranty providers are very strict about this, and they go out of their way to vet auto service providers in advance to ensure that their work lives up to a standard that will allow the warranty provider to remain in compliance from their end (effectively the warranty provider wants to make sure that their customers are getting what they paid for!)

Given our long history of consistently providing great customer results, and our longstanding relationships (we’ve been in business for over 18 years!) our Holliston, MA auto repair shop regularly performs warranty work.

How Does This Work?

When we service a vehicle that is under a pre-existing warranty, before performing any services of any kind Countryside Service Center will contact your warranty provider on your behalf to ensure that your vehicle is still under warranty and also to confirm that our service center is eligible to perform whatever work is needed.

Assuming we can move forward, Countryside Service Center will service your vehicle under the terms outlined in your warranty, and then we will contact your warranty provider to arrange for payment directly from them to our service center. You, as the warranty holder will not have to pay Countryside any direct out-of-pocket expenses that your warranty has already covered, and you will also likely not have to pay your warranty provider anything further unless there are specific stipulations within your existing warranty.

A Great Experience

We have observed that when Countryside performs warranty work for our clients, the outcomes for the vehicle tend to be really strong as we are not under an obligation to try to defend any pre-existing issues that may have been present at the time of purchase. We have also observed that as a result of not being the original point from which a warranty was purchased, much of the friction regarding payments and also regarding what is actually covered under an existing warranty seem to be dramatically lessened.