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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repair

Hybrid and electric vehicle repair is an emerging area of automotive repair.  Fortunately our shop has continually invested in technology – both with investments in equipment as well as with investments in training.  With our wealth of experience, our Holliston, MA auto repair shop is able to provide expertise, value, and results for our customers that require either hybrid or electric repair or service.

The More Things Change….

As a result of both hybrid and electric cars being relatively new US auto market there are still many things that are very new about owning these vehicles. For many hybrid and electric car owners the entire vehicle ownership process is filled with many “new” twists and turns.  Many hybrid and electric car owners are the first among their own personal circles to own such a vehicle so there is not a rich pool of experience to draw from in terms of performance as well as overall maintenance.

In addition there is another factor at play as well – the truth is both hybrid and electric vehicles are still very new to market – many of the vehicles on the road today are still under warranty in some capacity (original or extended) so in general this class of vehicle still does not have enough miles for all of us, (owners, dealers, distributors and trusted mechanics) to have a complete grasp of how to best care for these vehicles.

The great news is that overall hybrid and electric cars are making amazing strides and owners of these cars are expressing a great deal of satisfaction.  In part we suspect that this experience is due to car manufacturers really stepping up to the plate both when a car leaves the showroom and by providing great experiences for the life of the vehicle.

Certainly we have made a massive effort here at Countryside Service Center to stay up to date on both the body of knowledge as well as the required tools to ensure that we can provide our hybrid and electric car owners with a great repair experience.

The More They Stay The Same

With technology and innovation introducing so many amazing breakthroughs in car manufacturing, there are still many elements that all vehicles still share.  Chief among them being that car owners still need to regularly service their vehicles and to perform scheduled maintenance.   Hybrid and electric vehicles are no different and our shop can confidently and professionally handle such services.  Oil changes, fluid top-offs and various ongoing issues that are more specific to hybrid and electric vehicles are all items you can feel confident in our ability to deliver on behalf of your vehicle.

Our ASE Certified mechanics use the latest diagnostic technology to provide accurate diagnoses, a quick turn-around, and a job done right the first time. We honor most warranties, and provide a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on labor for most repairs.  In addition all vehicles brought in for maintenance or scheduled service will also receive a complementary brake inspection and tire check! 

Makes and Models

We can comfortably service most any make and model vehicle including the full gamut of hybrid and electric vehicles including Nissan Leafs, Dodge Volts, Toyota Prius and Hybrid vehicles, Ford Fusions, Chevrolet Volts,  VW Hybrids as well as other makes and all models (compact, mid-size, minivans and SUVs.)

Our Commitment to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

We have always prided ourselves on focusing on our customers first rather than trying to service vehicles based only on how profitable our work might be.  As such we always strive to provide a fair price and to be very as clear and concise with our pricing.  That said our commitment to servicing hybrid and electric vehicles is very firm and we look forward to continuing to grow and evolve our shop as this amazing class of vehicles continues to take shape.

Our domestic auto repair services are convenient to residents of Holliston, Sherborn, Medfield, Ashland, Framingham, Milford, and the surrounding Massachusetts communities.