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Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tire Pressure Monitoring light on call
Countryside Service Center


One of the most common issues in the auto repair industry today is tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) lights on, At Countryside Service Center we can repair any tpms light, on any vehicle foreign or domestic. Countryside Service Center in Holliston has the latest technology to repair the most complex tire pressure monitoring systems.


What is Tire Pressure Monitoring(TPMS)?


Tire pressure Monitoring (TPMS) is a system integrated into all new vehicles under 10,000 lbs, Federally mandated  in 2007. The most common style Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a tire pressure monitor in each tire. Each tire pressure monitor transmits a radio frequency that is received by an rke module and is translated into tire pressures. The tire pressure monitors inside the wheels are equipped with a small battery sealed inside of them, typically lasting 5-10 years, depending on use and climates. The tire pressure monitoring light will illuminate when there is a drop in pressure in one or more tires, or if they are typically more than 4 lbs of pressure difference between any of the tires. If for some reason your tire light comes on, you must first check all 4 tires and see which tire is low, always use a digital gauge for this because the old style isn’t accurate enough. Next make sure they are all equal to what the manufacturer specifies, located on the inside edge of the drivers door. Next relearn the monitors, most can be done by just driving for a brief period of time, If the light stays on it may be time to call Phil Matyi @ Countryside Service Center.


Tire Pressure Monitor Replacement


Through the years at my auto repair shop in Holliston Ma, Technology has evolved, and so have we. Countryside Service Center has dedicated ourselves to being up on the latest technology and software so we may be able to reprogram all Tire Pressure Monitors. Most manufacturers try to keep you going back to them , so they have made tire pressure monitoring systems so the new sensors have to be programmed to the vehicle. If one or more Tire pressure monitors are replaced  we will have to program new sensors to your vehicle. Countryside Service Center has the knowledge and technology to service and repair any of your tire pressure monitoring issues